This is by far the best way to enjoy apple juice. To make Turbo Cider you will need a 1 gallon (4.5l) demijohn, airlock and cork, siphon tube, sugar and a tub of Youngs wine yeast. Before you start take care to bring the juice to room temperature as the yeast will die if added to chilled juice. a 60g tub of Youngs wine yeast is readily available in local home brew or hardware shops for £2. It can be ordered from Ebay too. Clean and sterilise all bottles and kit before use.

10% ABV Turbo Cider recipe :-

4 litres of supermarket apple juice
400g brewing sugar or granulated sugar
1 heaped teaspoon of wine yeast

Add the sugar to 1 litre of apple juice and mix until the sugar is dissolved. Put 2  litres of apple juice into the sterilised demijohn and add the sugar mixture. Add the Yeast and gently shake the demijohn to mix the contents. The fermentation will be quite frothy for the first 2 days, after it settles down add the remaining 1 litre of apple juice and wait for the fermentation to finish. This should take up to 2 weeks but the cider has to be kept in a warm room. The fermentation is finished when the airlock bubbles less than once every 2 minutes. Next, bottle the cider by adding half a teaspoon of sugar to sterilised coke or sprite type plastic bottles (you will need 8) and syphoning the cider into them. Mix the cider and sugar solution and leave the bottles in the warm room for 3 days to carbonate it. Now move the bottles to a cool place (not the fridge) and after 2 weeks it will be ready to drink. It may take longer to clear so be patient.

For 7% to 7.5% cider add 200g of sugar to the mix instead of 400g.